Licensed Canadian processor of cannabis concentrates focused on
contract manufacturing and white labeling.

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Contract Manufacturing

Taima's expertise in processing and formulation enables us to provide complete turnkey solutions to our clients. From hardware, branding, packaging, white labeling, our team is dedicated to providing the most cost-efficient solutions for contract manufacturing of packaged or bulk cannabis derivatives on the market.

Our Mission

To educate Canadian LP's and consumers regarding Cannabis2.0 products by providing cannabis extracts aligned with world-class technology and processes. Our team of expert advisers work closely with our clients to help choose products best suited for the medical and recreational markets. Taima will set the diamond standard for cannabis extraction and cannabis derivatives in Canada.

Extraction Solutions

Our state-of-the-art facility combined with industry-leading technology and processes enable us to offer a multitude of ready-to-market cannabis products. Our expert team of extraction artisans is readily available to discuss extraction solutions and offer advice on new and sought-after formulations and delivery systems.


Who we are

Our team is comprised of Canada’s leading food processing executives coupled with world-renowned craft cannabis artisans and product specialists. Tamia’s expertise and the ability to run a state-of-art food processing facility has allowed us to easily transition into large scale production of craft cannabis oil.

Mission Statement
Craft production is the backbone of our team-based culture and we believe that strength is in numbers. By providing our craft artisans a home as well as the freedom to spread their wings in our facility, we leverage their collective genius to propel us to the forefront of cannabis extraction processes, formulations and technology.

Taima’s deep craft roots will play a pivotal role in the development of revolutionary and innovative products on an international scale.